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Early this year, Moroch made several key hires within the agency, earned several awards, and other noteworthy stories. Moroch also has a group of consultants that help and advise the agency. Moroch wanted to find a way to share this exciting information with the consultant group on a quarterly basis. The first idea was to create a PDF to email directly to the consultants, but instead we provided the solution to create a single page website which could be easily linked, bookmarked, viewed, read, and updated.

During collaboration with the designer, we tried to simplify and condense the content for a fast and easy read for the very busy, time-crunched consultants. The tech-savviness of the consultant group also varied greatly, so it was key to make it effortless to navigate through the current and future content. We did so by including a short introduction and guidelines, a filter, and a downloadable PDF version of the site for later travel viewing.

The biggest challenge of this site was trying to plan and build for any unknown content that could come in the future, while also ensuring ease of use for the various consultants.


may 2014


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