Moroch Entertainment is a department that handles promotions for movies - a large portion of it being early movie screenings. These screenings are a way for studios to gauge the reactions and reviews of their movies from their target audience in advance. However - attendees are not always the target audience of the screening movie and many are more interested in seeing a free movie than actually providing feedback for the studios.

In an attempt to prevent the gaming of the movie screening system - Moroch Entertainment came up with the solution of Kernel. Kernel is a combination of a rewards system, social media, and a movie database. The idea was that if screening participants would use Kernel - we could reward the attendees we wanted to be at each screening, and impede those that were only there for free. The website would also be a hub for movie buffs to post their early reviews and opinions to build hype for the upcoming movie. The goal for the website design was to be a cool, underground environment. It was also key that the pages adapt to any imagery of the movie - in order to stay true to the feel of the film and the studio’s requirements.

Moroch Entertainment

august 2012


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